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Spiritual Center

3288 El Cajon Blvd.
San Diego, California 92104

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Phone: (619) 640-2020

Mailing Address:

PO Box 16161

San Diego, Ca 92176

Center Established: November 2004


Sunday Services


Wake-UP! Service

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Use Shiloh spaces for your meetings, workshops and classroom needs; counseling and healing work.


SERVICE Opportunities:

  • Taize Community Outreach
  • Shiloh Sparkle Team
  • Back-to-school Shopping Buddy program
  • Secret Santa program

Would you like to get involved?

Call: Rev. Roxie:

619 640-2020

OR, email:













Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart

Ancient Wisdom Spirituality meets New Thought Philosophy

Originally drawn to Native American teachings, I later discovered Ernest Holmes' work called Science of Mind. As I explored the writings of the New Thought movement (spirituality), I began to see the same Truths woven throughout world religions and their mystical aspects.

My quest to deepen my consciousness about ancient wisdom teachings, traditional religions, metaphysics and quantum physics has defined and unfolded this ministry called "Shiloh."

It is my desire to walk this spiritual path with others whose hearts are beckoning them to live from a deeper spiritual perspective.

Are you wanting something more? Are you ready to remember who you really are and live consciously from that knowing?

If so, I know we will meet soon!

Love & Light,

Rev. Roxie


Practitioners ~ RScP:

Rev. Mark Obcamp .........619 244-2186 Rosanna Ewing...............661 998-0199 Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart ........619 640-2020

Prayer Requests ON-LINE, email us at:


Shiloh Vision Council:

Rev. Dr. Sharon Lund, Asst. Min.

Rev. Mark Obcamp, Staff Min.

Joyce Sheean

Donna Norris

Susan Bigelow

Kimberly Wolfe

Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart, Sr. Min.

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Shiloh Vision Keepers:

Dr. "Shamama" Liana Carbon

Rev. Dr. Marilyn Hall


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Shiloh Facebook

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Vision Council member








"See" differently ~

Live profoundly!

Shiloh SPIRITUAL Center serves as a place to discover your inner divinity, remember who you really are and shift your perspective to bring this unfolding awareness from your head into your heart.

This is the seeker's inward journey of awakening.

Our time together in activities and classes is a celebration of living from the heart, offering our version of "TLC" ...Truth, Light & Compassion.

What is SOM...

Science of Mind? is a spiritual perspective that is a correlation of the laws of science (quantum physics), the opinions of philosophy and the revelations of religion applied to human issues, needs and aspirations.

MORE about SOM...

We Believe in God, the Living Spirit Almighty; one indestructible, absolute, and self-existent Cause.

This One manifests Itself in and through all creation but is not absorbed by Its creation.

The manifest universe is the body of God; it is the logical and necessary outcome of the infinite self-knowingness of God.

Allow the

LAW of Circulation

and the spiritual principle of

Giving & Receiving gladden your heart in generosity and service.

We so appreciate your support through this easy and safe donation process as a recurring gift or a one time offering.

Shiloh is blessed through your sharing!


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