Shiloh Spiritual Center

...where your mind learns and your heart embraces the practical application of living in joy, ease and grace.
Meeting you on your journey to...
 See Differently, Live Profoundly...

A metaphysical teaching, where...

New Thought meets Ancient Wisdom in Applied Spirituality

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             See Differently, 
Live Profoundly 
 "Share the TRUTH;
Shine the LIGHT;
in ways that change lives!
The teachings of 
Ernest Holmes, called:
 is a correlation of the 
laws of science (quantum physics), the opinions of philosophy
and the revelations of religion applied to human issues, needs and aspirations. 



Shiloh Spiritual Center a place in our heart, a gathering of like-minded, gentle souls coming together to

  • Wake~UP! and remember who we really are;
  • expand our awareness, cultivate & refine our relationship with Source and with others; and,
  • learn to live with ease and in grace.  

At Shiloh, Ernest Holmes' Science of Mind wisdom is interwoven with metaphysical  perspectives from:   

  • Native American spirituality
  • Eastern philosophies (Buddhism & Taoism)
  • Christian & Judaic mysticism (Kabbalah)
  • A Course in Miracles
  • Abraham~Hicks

as a practical application of the spiritual laws of the universe.

A message from Rev. Roxie...

Dear fellow Inward Journey travelers,

Originally drawn to Native American teachings, I later discovered Ernest Holmes' work.  As I explored his and other writings of the New Thought movement, I began to see the same Truths woven throughout world religions and their mystical aspects.

My quest to deepen my consciousness about ancient wisdom teachings, traditional religions, metaphysics and quantum physics has defined and unfolded this ministry called "Shiloh" transforming into a more personalized teaching.

After 14 years of ministry in a "four walls" environment, it is my desire to journey even more purposefully with others whose hearts are calling them to transform their lives; to live from a deeper spiritual awareness in a mindful way that expresses as a practical application of love, grace and kindness. Anyone can do this ...anywhere and anytime, everywhere and in every moment. The end result: presence, connectedness, and well-being, ready to experience a life well-lived.

We all want this, but most of us don't know how to consciously and consistently practice it and live from that mindful, practical way of being...we don't know how to bring it forth in ways that nourish our soul and uplift our lives and the lives of others.  

Are you ready to literally change your life?  Join us "on the move" and let us     meet you on your spiritual journey.

Ease & Grace


Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart

 Founding minister, 2004