Shiloh Spiritual Center
... See Differently, Live Profoundly


A metaphysical teaching center, where... 

New Thought meets Ancient Wisdom 

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Our Mission Statement:
"Share the TRUTH;
Shine the LIGHT;
Our foundational philosophy is based on the teachings of Ernest Holmes, that he called: "SCIENCE of MIND." His work is a spiritual perspective that is a correlation of the laws of science (quantum physics), the opinions of philosophy and the revelations of religion applied to human issues, needs and aspirations.



Shiloh Spiritual Center

serves as a place to Wake~UP! and remember who you really are, expand your awareness, cultivate your relationship with your Creator and learn to live from your soul. 

Our time together in service, activities and classes is our celebration of life and living.

At Shiloh, the SOM foundational teaching is interwoven with metaphysical perspectives from:   

  • Native American philosophies and reverence
  • Eastern philosophies
  • the mysticism of Christianity and Judaism (Kabbalah)
  • the profound teachings of A Course in Miracles
  • the brilliant insights of Abraham~Hicks 

From the desk of Rev. Roxie...

Originally drawn to Native American teachings, I later discovered Ernest Holmes' work.  As I explored his and other writings of the New Thought movement, I began to see the same Truths woven throughout world religions and their mystical aspects.

My quest to deepen my consciousness about ancient wisdom teachings, traditional religions, metaphysics and quantum physics has defined and unfolded this ministry called "Shiloh."

It is my desire to walk this spiritual path with others whose hearts are beckoning them to live from a deeper spiritual perspective.  Are you wanting something more?  Are you ready to remember who you really are and truly live from that awareness?  If so, then I know we will meet soon.

Love and Light,

Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart,

 founding minister


Our offerings include:

  • Sunday services, experiential and creative workshops, multi-week coursework, licensing programs, retreats, study groups, seasonal honorings,  meditation sessions
  • spiritual counseling and prayer work, coaching and therapy
  • pastoral care, memorials, weddings, situational blessings
  • social events for fun and fellowship
  • local outings and special event field trips
  • community service with elementary schools and senior centers
  • support groups and clubs