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Shiloh Wake~UP! Service, Sundays 10:30am

Closed Thanksgiving Weekend


3655 Ruffin Road, #100, SD, 92123

Love Offering appreciated

Sr. Minister:  Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart

Shiloh's spiritual Wake-UP! service is a call to remember who you really are and align yourself with the Divine Energy that powers the spiritual laws of the universe.  Life is meant to be lived joyfully!  Learn how to create life by design, rather than by default.

A Course in MIRACLES

Every Wednesday, 6:30-7:30 pm... No ACIM on Nov 22nd

Location:  Site #4: Mission Valley Library (near IKEA) please meet at the front entrance, conference room or mezzanine veranda.

Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart

ACIM study groups are on-going and Shiloh's drop-in group is available to everyone.  If you're interested in studying this amazing metaphysical teaching with others, join us for reading/discussion and application.   

BYOB (Bring Your Own Book)

Fee: $5.00

Other ACIM groups can be started/hosted by Rev. Roxie with your suggestions/invitations; we are willing to go to other sites around San Diego.

META~Groups Cycle III~Jan 8-Mar 30 2018

Details for M~G Cycle III tba'd in December

Taize (teh-zay) Candlelight Meditation Service

Quarterly, 1st Tuesday of each quarter (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct) & Wednesday, Thanksgiving Eve CANCELLED

Site # 1:  No Site available

Join the Taize team for a sweet hour of singing, silence, prayer, readings, candle-lighting, and gratitude expression.  

Donation/love offering

"See Differently, Live Profoundly"


Coach/facilitator:  Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart

This service embodies our vision statement:  "See Differently, Live Profoundly" and is offered as "how-to" sessions that help you perceive life happenings in a more up-leveled, compassionate way and help you align with the spiritual laws of the Universe.

There is another way ~a better way~ and any new way of thinking has a learning curve that requires intention and attention to master. Would it be worth an investment of learning to "SEE" and "BE" different... to release old patterns of behavior and change the quality of your life?  These sessions are the basis of that process. 

 Let's get started in shifting your life to what YOU want it to be...and what it is truly meant to be. 

NOTE 1: This is a drop-in session, open to everyone, with opportunity for Q&A.  It is NOT a counseling session, nor is it an invitation for debate.  The principles shared are based on the metaphysics of the Bible/New Thought teachers and Eastern philosophy. 

NOTE 2: Bring a notebook to capture the gems that are offered.


LABYRINTHS @ the Beach

Summer (August) activity...

Cost:  $15

Location:  Crown Point Beach/Mission Bay                       (Text for directions: 619 884-3568)

Learn the origins, types, purpose, applications and the           7-circuit ancient pattern so you can make your own labyrinth anywhere. Tips shared on how to focus as you walk your path.  Discussion to follow.


  • waist-high, 1" diameter stick/pole to use in marking the wet-sand.
  • a journal to capture your insights
  • Comfort items:  hat, water, sunscreen, towel/blanket, snacks.

Abraham~Hicks video/discussion group


Enjoy the life-relevant, laser-focused, insightful videos from the Abraham~Hicks conferences and retreats.  This channeled work is brilliant, profound and easy to grasp.  The application is immediate and will change the way you see life!  30-minute discussion follows the viewing to integrate the insights.


Spirituality Sampler

Start-up planned for 2018

Facilitator:  Rev. Roxie & Shiloh teachers

$5; bring a friend for free!

Are you familiar with the sweetness and sacredness found in the various spiritual practices from different cultures, ethnicities and religions?  Are you a wee-bit curious? Are you open to exploring and experimenting with new approaches in a safe and open-hearted environment without immersion and a long-term commitment? 

Each week is a sampling and exploration of a practice/approach that may change how you perceive a concept, culture, religion or even how you perceive life. These sessions could open your heart and change your mind.  You might even embrace the practice in your own life!

Each session holds the promise to be easy, interesting, insightful and worthwhile.  Join us for the topics that interest you or to discover something new that expands your awareness of Oneness.

  • Sealing Your Energy:  Chakras & Mudras
  • Mindfulness Practice
  • The 7 Directions
  • Koans and Haikus
  • Wiccan Spirituality
  • Gaia:  Nature-Based/Mother Earth Practices
  • Spirituality of Sound and Color
  • Path of Good Medicine
  • Religions without "God"
  • Inuksuks~Pointing the Way
  • SEVA:  Sacred Service
  • Ho'Oponopono: Hawaiian Forgiveness Process
  • The Essence of Kabbalah
  • Power Animals & Totems
  • Aboriginal Spirituality
  • Celtic-Druidry
  • Voo-doo Practices
  • Signs, Symbols and Metaphor
  • Visioning Process
  • Feng-Shui Principles
  • Power of Crystals
  • Miracles
  • Dream Catchers
  • Labyrinths
  • Medicine Wheels
  • Sweat Lodges
  • Smudging


Regularly Scheduled



Every Sunday "Wake-UP!"Service, 10:30am


Every Wednesday: A Course in Miracles



First Tuesday of each quarter (Jan/Apr/Jul/Oct & Wednesday Thanksgiving Eve:

TAIZE Candlelight Meditation Service



Quarterly Change of Season

(weather permiting)




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