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From Atheist to Ordained Minister…
a letter from the Founder

Dear Friends and fellow "inward journey" travelers,

Life was not easy growing up as an atheist. It was lonely and secretive and didn't make sense to me. Despite my mother's belief, in my heart I knew that atheism wasn't the Truth and that it definitely wasn't my path, so I adopted the label of agnostic and from that void of any belief system I began my spiritual quest.

As a teenager and young adult, I read everything I could find about religions and philosophy. In my self-study attempts toward learning and discovery –and, after 20 years of life experiences of raising a family and honing my professional skills—I began an active search for a spiritual center. In 1992, I walked into the Ventura County Church of Religious Science. I felt as if I had "come home."

Finally finding a belief system that made sense felt serendipitous at the time, but I now know that my life path was always leading me here—even the part about spending my youth as a “tabula rasa” ...untainted by any doctrine or dogma. Plus, Spirit had given me all those human opportunities to grow and be ready for this Divine Appointment, nudging me to the edge and then giving me the final push.

After finding this New Thought spirituality, I knew my search was over because it resonated so deeply and completely with everything in my heart. Nine years later, having completed classes and practitioner licensing, I felt another nudge from Spirit—this time: the call to ministry.

Hearing this call, but not feeling at all qualified, I resisted.  Finally, my intuition told me that "God does not call the qualified, God qualifies the called."  With skill and experience in teaching, leadership and management, communications and human relations, I entered ministerial school with great enthusiasm and determination, absolutely certain that this was my path and trusting that Spirit would not guide me to do anything without also preparing me for the task.

During those years in training, the actual form this ministry would take was unclear.  However, it did not occur to me for a moment that I would become a pulpit minister...even proclaiming that I did NOT want a "four-walls church."

The Universe, though, laughs at our plans and now, as a graduate of two ministerial programs~both Holmes Institute/Centers for Spiritual Living and the Emerson Theological Institute~and also having earned my Doctorate of Religious Studies and Doctorate of Divinity, Shiloh Spiritual Center is, most definitely, a "four-walls" spiritual center.

Jan 2017 Update:  At the end of 2016, Shiloh's "four walls" location was vacated and we have become a traveling spiritual center, using various sites around the greater San Diego area~some indoors, some in nature's sanctuary.  We now own a mobile unit that, I suppose, could be called a rolling four walls, but we know it as our counseling center and classroom.  Photos of our new home on wheels are on our update page and check our calendar page for what, when and WHERE we'll be.) 

Shiloh is now in its 13th year of service to our spiritual community. We know ourselves to be like-minded travelers on a journey of awakening and remembering who we are--Source expressing. This year~2017~ is bringing about a transformation of our organizational processes that affect where/how we interact with others. Our vision is still "See Differently, Live Profoundly"... our mission: change lives.

I am ready for this transformation. My faith is anchored in absolute knowing that we are being guided into a greater expression.  Shiloh is "morphing" and transforming...and we are in the moment-by-moment livingness of life, filled with peace of mind. 

Do you want this sense of well-being in your life?  Shiloh's calling you!

Ease & Grace,

Rev. Roxie