Shiloh Spiritual Center

...where your mind learns and your heart embraces the practical application of living in joy, ease and grace.
Meeting you on your journey to...
 See Differently, Live Profoundly...

Counseling, Coaching and Prayer

Is something challenging you? Do you need someone who can listen to you without judgment and offer the objectivity and insight that is eluding you? 

Let us help you find clarity, comfort and peace of mind.  

We can:  

  • guide you from where you are (in thought/feelings) to a more resourceful and uplifting place in your heart~one that feeds your soul and your dreams...and transforms your life experiences;
  • help you develop new ways of thinking about your life and appropriate, loving strategies to shift your energy;
  • help you to realize the infinite possibilities available;  
  • guide you to see your life differently;
  • support you/your family with prayer that comforts and uplifts;
  • assist you to shift what seems to be overwhelming into a sense of true knowing and comfort.  

If you need someone to talk to; someone to pray for you and with you; someone who is able to remind you of the truth of who you are... then call Shiloh for a personal connection.

Prayer support: NO charge (this is not the same as a counseling session).

Counseling/Coaching sessions:  $75 per hour

Love & Light,

Rev. Roxie