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Membership/Ownership at Shiloh

We're all in this together~this thing called "life"...

Everyone is welcome at Shiloh.  Anyone can attend services, sessions, study groups and classes who has a desire to learn and grow.  We are a welcoming, supportive and friendly community. 

We include you in our prayers and fellowship, if you want to participate. We know FOR you what you may not remember about yourself and why you are here in this life experience.  Our philosophy is open and inclusive, honoring all faiths.  We know that wherever you are is your continuing journey of unfoldment. 

We don't push and we don't chase people.  We don't recruit or prod people to "join" because we know it is a very personal decision to commit and if/when you're ready~ you'll let us know.  We embrace you with our open hearts knowing that whatever your choice may be, it is right for you.

Some people come for a while and then leave.  Some people come back.  When that happens, there is no inquiry, only a genuine delight to see him or her again.  We know that whatever calls a person to something else was necessary at that time and whatever is calling a person now is part of his or her next step in expanding consciousness. 

Those who enjoy and feel comfortable at Shiloh find a "spiritual home" and may decide to commit to their "spiritual family."  They want to give back to the place where they are spiritually fed and supported in their growth.  They want to be part of something bigger than themselves. 

If you want to formally be part of this sweet spiritual family, all you have to do is ask and we'll initiate a simple process. There are no "membership dues"... only your willingness to give back to Shiloh as a recognition that the Universe is flowing through you.

You can be part of this "spiritual family" without a membership commitment.  So, take some time and review the benefits and commitments of being a "member/owner" (listed below) to help you decide if a formal affiliation serves you.

To join or not to join...does it feel right to you? 


Shiloh Visitor...becomes Friend

A curious seeker who attends a particular activity occasionally; who receives the benefits of that activitiy; is always welcomed; their presence is appreciated; he/she may request assistance, prayer, or counseling.   

Shiloh "Family"

Attends various activities semi-regularly; trusts and finds spirtual/emotional support; receives guidance and fellowship; is acquainted with others at Shiloh; promotes Shiloh's activities to others.

Shiloh "Member"

Calls Shiloh his/her "spiritual home"; receives inspiration, guidance and prayers; attends events and has completed the basic SOM classes; supports the Center by offering time, talent and treasure where possible and appropriate; is committed to their spiritual growth and expanded consciousness; understands the basic tenets of SOM and supports the vision/mission of Shiloh; commits to a tithe/contribution of 5% or > and stewardship of the best use of Shiloh's resources; participates in the SIP!~Surprise Income Program.


  • feeling of belongingness, sense of community
  • 10% discount on all SOM classes
  • FREE bi-annual practitioner session
  • emergency info KIT [Keeping-In-Touch] on file
  • 50% discount on wedding fees for family members
  • FREE memorial service for family members


Shiloh "Owner" 

All of the above, PLUS:

An "owner" is devoted to personal and spiritual growth, willing to resolve and release unresourceful beliefs, words and behaviors; actively involved; commits to a tithe/contribution of 10% or > and active stewardship of the best use of Shiloh's resources; promotes the growth of Shiloh by networking (informally) within the community; initiates ideas and projects for Shiloh's growth; supports Shiloh's community service efforts.


  • 15% discount on all SOM classes
  • 10% discount on text books
  • invited to bi-annual luncheon
  • eligible for Vision Council (leadership)


Shiloh "Leader"

All of the above, PLUS:

Serves on Vision Council (by invitation of senior minister and agreement of council members); attends monthly meeting and commits to the operation, functioning and good stewardship of Shiloh; is part of decision-making group; advises senior minister.


  • gratification in serving
  • leadership growth
  • living from the "highest and best good of all concerned."

Share the Truth,

Shine the Light,

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