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Our SOM coursework is in alignment with Ernest Holmes' guidance to stay "open at the top."  All SOM curriculum is based on spiritual principles, mystical knowing/wisdom, transpersonal psychology and quantum physics.  It is continuously up-dated to include expanding concepts and experiential insights.


SOM Basics Pt I, II & III

Pt I Becoming Conscious ~ Seeing Differently (6 weeks)

SYNOPSIS: Intro to 10 CORE CONCEPTS of Science of Mind from "What We Believe"; spiritual mind treatment; the reciprocal universe; explore spiritual principles; reconcile the perception of separation between man and Spirit; uncover hidden, limiting beliefs; discover the creative nature of thoughts, beliefs and emotions; allow life to unfold and begin to live as a conscious, intentional being.   TUITION:  $162 + texts.  FACILITATOR: Rev. Roxie

Pt II Trusting Your Power ~ Prayer and Treatment (6 weeks)

SYNOPSIS: Explore the creative process and the power of affirmative prayer/spiritual mind treatmetn (SMT); mental equivalents; Law of Correspondence; Law of Cause and Effect; apply the awareness of praying "FROM the feeling" to become a deliberate creator~an outlet for the invisible to manifest in the visible realm.  TUITION: $162 + texts. FACILITATOR(s): Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers

Pt III Listening to Spirit ~ Spiritual Practices (6 weeks)

SYNOPSIS: Explore the purpose, value and types of spiritual practices that allow stillness and inward looking; learn how to "be still and know" and listen for guidance; experiment with various types of meditations; learn how to use mantras/chanting, colors, sounds, light and body postures; experiment with journaling, automatic writing; rituals; and begin to incorporate the power of gratitude, blessings, forgiveness and surrender. Find the spiritual practice that works for you!  TUITION: $162 + texts. FACILITATOR(s):  Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers


Remembering Wholeness & Well-Being Pt I & II

Pt I Synopsis: (6 weeks) Realize the role of consciousness in the healing/integration process; apply spiritual principles; uncover and overcome emotional mindsets and perceptions that affect the body; unlearn concepts of duality and disease to embrace the perfection that existed at creation; remember and experience the Divine well-beingness of the physical body. Wholeness = Mind~Body~Spirit.  Excerpted Resources:  Deepak Chopra*Abraham~Hicks*Bruce Lipton*Joe Vitale*Wayne Dyer*Marianne Williamson*Lousie Hay...and more.  TUITION:  $162 + texts.   FACILITATOR(s):  Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers

Pt II Synopsis: (6 weeks) Uplevel your awareness to the "Homo Luminous" truth of our being; realize that our life experience is more invisible than visible;  embrace the necessity for healing on all levels; learn to listen and tend to the body's needs BEFORE they become manifested as pain, discomfort or disease; practice healing at the level of cause while tending to the effect.  Explore two methodologies to access the body's stored information.  Move into the level of Soul healing.  Excerpted Resources:  Alberto Villoldo*Deepak Chopra*Joan borysenko*Caroline Myss*Mona Lisa Schulz, plus more experts, specialists and leading-edge thinkers.  TUITION:  $162 + texts.  FACILITATOR(s): Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers.


Aligning With Your Good Pt I & II

Pt I Synopsis: (6 weeks) Discover the ways that we block our good and the mental and emotional clean-up work necessary to open to the flow; shift to strategies that change the way we live this life experience; differentiate between appreciation and gratitude; apply the Law of Circulation and Flow; raise our vibration; identify the empowering/disempowering aspects of words and thoughts; using the divine Law of Prosperity~accelerate and expand the flow of our good; learn to change our perspective to live joyfully and free! Excerpted Resources:  Abraham-Hicsk*Eric Butterworth*R. Neville Johnston*John Randolph Price*Joel Goldsmith*Raymond Charles Barker*Terry Cole-Whitaker*Ernest Holmes*ACIM, and more. TUITION: $162 + texts. FACILITATOR(s):  Rev. Roixe & Shiloh ministers. 

Pt II Synopsis: (6 weeks) Explore consciousness; ease into the idea of beingness (rather than doingness); begin to enjoy an amazing life, discover grace; cultivate peace and happiness.  Excerpted Resources:  Abraham-Hicks*Joe Vitale*Richard Bach*John Randolph Price*Joel Goldsmith*Neville*Gangaji*Alan Watts*Walter Starcke*Ernest Holmes and more.  TUITION: $162 + texts. FACILITATOR(s): Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers.


Mindful Relationships Pt I & II

Pt I Synopsis: (6 weeks)  1st Commandment:  Love God; 2nd Commandment: Love Thy Neighbor as Thyself.  What is the metaphysical persepctive that supports these commands?  What are the skills that facilitate this approach?  Is it really important to love "thy neighbor" and, who is thy "neighbor", anyway?  Begin to live from a place of knowing who you are, uplifted by that knowing into ease and grace, peacefulness and a gentle nature.  Learn how to come from an expanded consciousness that allows and accepts life unfolding, learn to be present in every situation with kindness, helpfulness, compassion, and love.  Learn the basics of rapport building, cultivating refined listening and observation skills.  Realize that your spiritual nature is capable of changing your human condition.  Learn how to nurture the best in yourself and others; embrace the value of forgiveness.  Resources: Jett Psaris & Marlena Lyons; Richard Moss; Gay Hendricks: Sobonfu E.Somé; Leo Bucaglia; James Redfield; Joan Borysenko; Julia Cameron; Joel Goldsmith; Paul Ferrini: Daniel C. Matt; Robert Ohotto: Em Claire; Abraham-Hicks. TUITION: $162 + texts.  FACILITATOR(s): Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers.

Pt II Synopsis: (6 weeks) Experience present-moment aliveness: emptying your psyche of its habits and resistance, practicing profound forgiveness, and experiencing ultimate freedom.  Learn to "come to the edge" and release all that limits your life. Realize your unbounded Self.  Resources: Michael Singer; Caroline Myss; Joe Vitale; Mabel Katz; Don Miguel Ruiz; Colin Tipping; August Gold; Walter Starcke; Marianne Wiliamson.  TUITION: $162 + texts. FACILITATOR(s): Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers.


Mysticism:  The Direct Path to God

Pt I Synopsis: Explore msyticism, establish a framework for leading a more mystical life, develop meditation/mindfulness practices and a "witness" consciousness, discover the Divine Reality in daily living.  TUITION:  $162 + texts. FACILITATOR(s): Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers.

Pt II Synopsis: Delve into the mystical traditions:  Christian mysticism, the Kabbalah, Sufism and lesser-known teachings, as well as ancient shamanic/pagan nature-based practices (i.e. Australian Aboriginal beliefs), etc.  Compare mysticism to Eastern teachings.  TUITION: $162 + texts. FACILITATOR(s): Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers.


Religions:  Many Paths to God

Synopsis:  Explore and compare the beliefs and core philosophy about life, living/dying, spiritual practices and basic tenets of Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. TUITION:  $162 + texts.  FACILITATOR(s): Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers.


New Thought Perspectives

Synopsis:  Explore the Transcendental Movement of the early to mid 1800's (in the US and abroad) and the beliefs about life and our relationship to Source.  Compare the nuances of the New Thought denominations [Christian Science, Divine Science, Unity, and Religious Science/SOM] born out of that movement.  Resources:  Spirits in Rebellion*Ralph Waldo Emerson*Phineas Quimby*Mary Baker Eddy*Emma Curtis Hopkins*Nona Brooks*H. Emilie Cady*Charles & Myrtle Fillmore*Judge Thomas Troward*Ernest Holmes.  TUITION:  $162 + texts. FACILITATOR(s): Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers.


"Meta~Physical" Bible Pt I, II & III

Pt I synopsis: OLD Testament~ review familiar and related stories and translate metaphysically for meaning, relevance and significance--using numerical and geographical keys, biblical writing practices, stories, etc.  Differentiate between what is history and what is story.  Judaic practices, philosophy and main character(s) situations examined as consciousness evolving. Explore the strange references in Genesis.  Follow the historical timeline against the backdrop of world history.   Resources: biblical & metaphysical scholars; videos, charts.  TUITION: $162 + texts.  FACILITATOR(s):  Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers.

Pt II synopsis: NEW Testament~ review the evolution of Jesus' story and his message through parables as depicted in the Gospels; dissect the Resurrection story; trace the growth of the Christian movement via the efforts of Paul of Tarsus/Epistles; purpose of the Council of Nicea; Emperor Constantine's agenda; the persecution of "Christians" and the absorption of paganism. Resources: biblical & metaphysical scholars; videos, charts.  TUITION: $162 + texts.  FACILITATOR(s):  Rev. Roxie & Shiloh ministers.

Pt III synopsis: The REST of the Story~ an exploration of the "unexplainable" and mysterious happenings noted in the Bible; the prophet's stories; similarities to stories of other beliefs, cultures and mythology spanning thousands of years before the OLD Testament through the 19th century.  Resources: biblical/metaphysical, videos, charts & timelines to realize the prologues and concurrent unfoldings. TUITION: $162 + texts. FACILITATOR: Rev. Roxie


Practitioner Training Pt I & II (two year program)

Must complete all pre~requisite coursework and be approved by senior minister for enrollment.  Successful completion of Pt I & II leads to licensing as a Religious Science Practitioner (RScP);  qualifies student to apply for ministerial programs.

Pt I synopsis:  Inward Journey~ (6) 6-week modules, (90 hours) of deep introspective exploration, healing old beliefs, shifting perspectives and expanding consciousness.  Primary focus is processing and integrating metaphysical concepts relevant to personal awareness and the work of a practitioner.  Resources:  early and current authors in this field.  TUITION: $162  texts. FACILITATOR: Rev. Roxie

Pt II synopsis:  Answering the Call~ (6) 6-week modules (90) hours of focused skill building in spiritual counseling/prayer work, pastoral care, including site visits, basic presentation skills, license responsibilities, Practitioner Code of Ethics; application of skills sessions.  TUITION: $162 + texts. FACILTATOR: Rev. Roxie

Special Focus Workshops: range from 2 hours to several sessions...

  • Telling a New Story
  • Mindfulness
  • Effective Prayer
  • Relationship Healing
  • Altars That Honor and Center
  • Cultivating Gratitude
  • Good & Plenty:  This Abundant Universe
  • The Art & Practice of Grace
  • Forgiveness = Freedom
  • The Good Life
  • Compassionate Detachment:  Taking Back Your Life
  • It's All an Inside Job
  • Personality Styles:  Mixing It Up Easily
  • Map Your Genogram
  • Milestone Memories: Creating Meaning and Sacredness
  • Living at the Edge  
  • Taming and Transforming the Ego
  • A Course in Miracles Primer (for beginners)
  • Metaphysics:  Nuanced Messages (how to watch movies at a deeper level)
  • Aligning Your Chakras
  • Beginner's Mind
  • Stress~Less
  • A Better Way: Living from Expanded Consciousness
  • Share Your Life's Story
  • Seasonal Changes:  Equinoxes and Solstices

Crafts Workshops: some off-site sessions; materials provided...

  • Labyrinths @ the Beach:  Meaning, Creating and Practice
  • Making Your Dream Catcher
  • Traveling the Medicine Wheel
  • Prayer Sticks
  • Inuk Suk: (Inuit) The Silent Messenger That Aids and Comforts
  • Drumming Circles
  • Creating and Interpreting Your Mandala
  • Archetype Discovery Process

Training Programs: multi-sessioned for skill development...

  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming~NLP Training
  • Presentation/Facilitation Skills Training
  • Tapping (EFT) ~ Energetic Alignment
  • The Artist's Way (Julia Cameron text req'd)