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Shiloh's Community Outreach

Shiloh "adopted" the Edison Elementary School seven years ago. Specifically, we reached out to the single-parent/guardian families that could use some extra help with school expenses and a little bit extra at Christmas time.


Back-to-School Shopping

SHOPPING BUDDIES:  With funds raised throughout the year, we meet the kids, kindergarten thru 5th graders, and their parent/guardian at a local Walmart.  After greeting and pairing with our "student buddies" we ask the parent/guardian to relax and wait for us in the snack bar while we push the basket and walk the aisles with their children to pick out a backpack, a pair of sneakers and ALL their school supplies.  At first, the kids are a bit shy, but very quickly, that shyness turns to excitement and eagerness.

In 2011, we took 2 kids shopping; 2012 there were 4 kids; 2013 the numbers jumped to 14 kids; 2014... we helped 19 families by taking 28 kids shopping; in 2015...12 families said "yes" and 16 kids went shopping with their buddies!

Please call to find out more about this volunteer service opportunity. If you can't "play" but want to help, please donate on-line via paypal OR send your check/money order to:  SHILOH at our mailing address listed at the bottom of this page.  FYI: We collect contributions for this program all year long.

We were not able conduct our Back-to-School Shopping or Secret Santa programs in 2016 because we lost our Spanish-speaking translator.  If you are bi-lingual, we need you!

Our deepest appreciation to everyone who contributes, coordinates, interprets and "shops" to make this a special experience for everyone! 


We know the kids and the parents/guardians are grateful and appreciative, however, it is the Shiloh family and the shopping buddies that are truly blessed by this opportunity to serve. What we get from this experience is heart-opening and up-lifting!



"Secret Santas"

With a list of families indicating the children's and guardian's names, ages, favorite color and wish list, Shiloh members pick a name from our Secret Santa Christmas tree and go shopping. 

In early December, "Santa's Helpers" have a wrapping party. Then we bag up and deliver all the presents to the families. 

The family has the gifts, but we are the ones blessed, yet again, as we give back to our adopted community.



In 2014, we also gave every child a San Diego Zoo animal.  (Thanks, Katy!) 

Would you like to be a "Secret Santa" or a "Santa's Helper" for a member of one our families? Are you bi-lingual?  Let us know!

By Invitation:

Taizé (teh~zay) on the Road


Taizé is a sweet, sacred, non-denominational meditation process.  It includes:  silence, singing/chanting, readings, prayers and candle~lighting.

Our Taize Team will come to your senior center, assisted living center, or group home to facilitate the attendees participation.  They'll love it!

May we bring one of our favorite activities to you senior-living group?  

We are ready to offer ourselves to other types of community service.  If you have any ideas, special projects or causes, perhaps we can join with you.  Service to others feels good.  It is the giver that is blessed.