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Shiloh's New Organizational Model:


Next Cycle: Sep 3rd-Nov 11th 2017



Purpose: connection; mutual support; and practical application of spiritual principles in daily interactions; up-leveled living.  

With feedback from our first cycle, we will be making some format/process changes.  Watch this space...

Meta~Groups consist of 3-10 people who agree to meet for 1.5 -2 hours each week (for 6-12 weeks) to participate in a specific interest, activity, or topic during that cycle.  Included in each session is a 20-30 minute period dedicated to discussing spiritual principles that guide our life and activities (materials provided by Shiloh).

Each host determines his/her topic/activity for the 6-12 week cycle and sets the day, time and location with Shiloh's approval.  Venue options:  living room, spacious garage, protected back yard, office conference room, community center, library meeting room, coffee shop, etc.  Requirement:  it must be available at NO CHARGE and accommodate the chosen activity.

Each host personally invites attendees or receives a request to join through Shiloh. The host contacts the potential member and makes the decision to accept the request or not.  NO specific location information is provided publicly nor to requesting individuals until the actual invitation is made by the host.  (This process keeps the group from exceeding the 10 person limit;  precludes "walk-ins" and helps to insure everyone's safety and comfort.)

  • There is NO FEE charged for attending a group, with the exception of Science of Mind (SOM)/Shiloh curriculum study groups where a tuition and a materials charge are applied. SOM/Shiloh curriculum groups are teaching sessions conducted by a SOM minister or practitioner.

The host is responsible for preparing the space and managing the group's process, not teaching content.  There is no teaching required of hosts.

Every NEW host must attend a 3-hour training session prior to cycle start. Every host has access to coaching throughout their hosting period.  NEXT "Host Training":  Mid August, date TBA'd,

 in Shiloh's mobile unit, parked at 3340 Orange Ave, SD, 92104  PLEASE RSVP if you're interested in being a Meta~Group Host.

The Weekly Cycle

is changing to a 6-week OR 12-week cycle, depending upon the subject matter or activity.  The length will be determined by the Host and Shiloh leadership.

Wk 1: meet & greet and overview; each person makes the commitment to attend and appropriately participate.

Wk 2-6 or 2-12: participate in the activity/topic, with a portion of each session spent in discussing/applying spiritual principles. 

Wk 6 (or 12): group community service activity. (group chooses)

Sunday of last week: celebration of group experience; share at Shiloh during Wake-UP! service.

Upon completion of each cycle, there is a break of 2-3 weeks, followed by the next cycle (3 cycles per year).  Each person may choose to continue with the same group, join a different activity group, OR host a group, etc.

You're invited to join a group that

appeals to your curiosity,

a group that is close to you,

a group your friend has joined,  or,

a group that just sounds like great fun!  

It is your choice!

Group info/details posted: August 13th

Sign-ups:  Aug 13th - Sep 3rd

Cycle begins week of Sep 3rd

Do you have a suitable space or know of a place that could be used for meta group activity?

Would you like to offer a space, but NOT host?

Call Rev. Roxie to coordinate all details:

619 884-3568

FYI:  testimonials from participants in groups are amazing and heart-opening! 

This Small Group model has been supported around the world with great success for more than 60+ years!  The degree of involvement and the lives changed is inspiring!  

Is it worth a look to find out what it's all about, get involved and change your life?