Shiloh Spiritual Center

...where your mind learns and your heart embraces the practical application of living in joy, ease and grace.
Meeting you on your journey to...
 See Differently, Live Profoundly...


Weddings, commitment ceremonies & vow renewal 


  • We are available to assist you in making your special occasion sacred, inspiring and memorable. 

  • We will join you at your favorite spot.

  • Blessings:
  • Baby blessings, welcoming new life...naming ritual, celebrating an adoption; dream catcher        ceremony...


  • House blessings...inside and out; smudging, energy clearing.


  • We can advise and consult in your planning, providing ideas and suggestions to create a seamless, powerful ceremony...


Memorials & Funerals

  • We offer your loved one the special "good-bye" that helps those who are feeling the loss to be comforted and uplifted. 
  • We will meet you at your selected site or perform a graveside service. 


  • We are empathetic to the loss of family and friends through suicide, accident or violence, and prolonged debilitating disease.
  • We understand and honor those who have served and sacrificed.
  • Pet Ministry:  we can help with pets who are injured; sick; reaching their end of life; and provide support through the euthanasia process to help pet owners who are grieving.  

Pastoral Care

  • We will visit with you/your loved one, or accompany you to the hospital, hospice facility or assisted living center.  We are available to visit rehabilitation facilities, group homes, or wards to be a presence that provides comfort, encouragement, and solace to those hurting, sick and transitioning.
  • We support the extended family in emotional crisis and grief. ...How can we help you?


Keeping the story, honoring the memories: 

  • We can povide assistance with LEGACY ~ LIFE STORY recording: written, voice or video.  

Everyone has a story...