Shiloh Spiritual Center

...where your mind learns and your heart embraces the practical application of living in joy, ease and grace.
 See Differently, Live Profoundly...

Leadership and Prayer Support:

Shiloh is an independent New Thought center...whose ministers, practitioners and leadership come from diverse religious/spiritual backgrounds; all grounded in New Thought and metaphysics and a belief in our direct relationship with Source (Creative Power, Divine Mind, God, Higher Wisdom, Source Energy, etc.)

Vision Council:

  • Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart: Founding Minister/Director, Practitioner, Vision Council, teacher, facilitator, counselor, coach.
  • Rev. Mark Obcamp: Staff Minister, Practitioner, Vision Council, counselor.
  • Donna Norris: Practitioner, Vision Council, Facebook Coordinator, Community Outreach.


  • Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart, RScP: 619 640-2020
  • Rev. Mark Obcamp, RScP: 619 244-2186
  • Donna Norris, RScP: 619 913-0006  ON-LINE, email us at:
  • Prayer Request:

More about us...

Rev. Dr. Roxie Hart, RScP

  • Religion of origin:  raised atheist, self-identified as agnostic until 1992, immersed in religious and spiritual research.
  • Religious exploration:  philosophy, Native Wisdom, Theosophy, Kabbalah, Christian Mysticism, Buddhism, Taoism... all New Thought philosophies.
  • Discovered SOM: 1977 with Terry Cole-Whittaker's TV ministry; attended first Religious Science Center 1992.
  • Studied at:  Ventura County and East San Gabriel Valley Churches of Religious Science; Holmes Institute, Emerson Institute; licensed minister 2005, ordained 2007, Doctorate of Divinity 2010.
  • I love SOM...because it satisfied a hunger and filled a longing in my soul.  This philosophy empowers and emboldens me to remember my Divine heritage that "I am a spiritual being having a human experience" and to realize my purpose and manifest my life as a magnificent expression of God.  My path has become one of ease and grace. I live from a place of gratitude and joy.
  • My ministry:  I am a teacher and facilitator~I cannot not share what I have discovered.  It is gratifying to travel this journey with others as they learn to see differently, expand their awareness, discover their wholeness and learn how to savor life.


Rev. Mark Obcamp, RScP

  • Religion of origin:   Four Square Church (Fundamentalist Protestant)
  • Religious exploration:  Southern Baptist
  • Discovered SOM:  1999
  • Studied at:  Pacific Church of Religious Science, Shiloh Spiritual Center, Emerson Institute, licensed 2010.
  • I love allows me to find my answers about who I am and why I'm here; it has offered me an opportunity to grow, both spiritually and personally.
  • My Ministry:  to offer the Taize Candelight Prayer Service to the greater community, bringing peace, light and love to those who can't come to us, especially the home-bound and elderly.  I want to expand my teaching to include quantum physics awareness where science meets spirituality.


Donna Norris, RScP 

  • Religion of origin: Southern Baptist and non-denominational Christianity
  • Discovered SOM: 2003, Pacific Church, San Diego 
  • Studied at: Shiloh since 2010
  • I love took all the practices I had embraced and tied them all together.  In 2010, I discovered Shiloh Spiritual Center, which spoke to my heart with the SOM philosophy and to my natural resonation with Native American cultures and spiritual practices. Science of Mind has changed my life.  For the first time, I'm completely happy and peaceful. This philosophy has taught me that happiness is not dependent on  things and people around you, it is all within, and just a thought away.  Every single thought, every moment is what creates the future.  I can choose what I think about in every moment and I can choose how to perceive every situation in order to create my own happy, abundant life.
  • My ministry: I plan to continue and expand my studies, helping others see their own greatness and truth.  I want to bring the awareness of the peaceful power that lies within each of us to as many people as I can, particularly our youth.


Norma Olivan 

  • Religion of origin: Catholic
  • Religious exploration: Catholicism, Christianity, metapysics
  • Discovered SOM: I began reading Louise Hay's books and seeing local advertisments for spiritual centers in San Diego.  In 2006, I met Rev. Roxie at a wellness fair where she was staffing Shiloh's booth.  I've been attending Shiloh ever since--now going on 10 years.
  • I love SOM...because I have learned to create a better way of living life and I look at it from a different perspective now.  I have learned to understand that life mustn't be ruled by any fear-based thoughts or teachings.  I have learned we are all One.  I have learned love is the highest frequency of energy and I have learned to be free.
  • My Ministry: I help coordinate Shiloh's outreach programs with Edison Elementary School single-parent families.  I talk with the Spanish-speaking parent/guardian and help him/her to understand how the programs help their children.  It is so rewarding to make a difference for the children and their families.  I also have taken many classes at Shiloh and want to start Practitioner Training.  I want to deepen my understanding of SOM in order to help my Spanish-speaking friends, family and community to understand this amazing philosophy.     (Norma is currently on a leave of absence)

Vision Council membership is by invitation.

To be considered, a Shiloh family member:

  • must have completed SOM Pt I/II/III [Basics];
  • must be a member/owner of Shiloh for at least one year;
  • must demonstrate high consciousness and a willingness to be a good steward and guardian of what is in the highest and best interests for all.

Do you want to be part of something amazing? Is there a leader inside of you? Talk to Rev. Roxie about serving on the Vision Council or on a leadership/transformation team.