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 See Differently, Live Profoundly...

This is an Infinitely ABUNDANT Universe...

and as Shiloh's gift to you, we offer some insight on how to consciously tap into the Spiritual Laws of the Universe.  We want you to be prosperous! 

Simply knowing how the Laws of Attraction and Circulation work is NOT enough.  Our constant application and practice is required.  This takes the form of affirmative prayer~spiritual mind treatment~that consciously and consistently shifts our ideas about abundance--specifically money and prosperity--until we have dissolved all limiting beliefs. 

Affirmative prayer focuses and reminds us to remain open and receptive. The spiritual laws are dependable, consistent and constant —always at work in our life. The spiritual laws of the Universe are impartial, responding to all, according to their energetic attraction.  The only variable is our own thinking!  So, we must begin to consciously direct these laws. We "treat" our mind about the spiritual nature of the universe and its infinite abundance. 

Begin—right here, right now—to believe that we live in an unlimited and infinite universe and that all forms of energy—including money—are also unlimited and ever-available.  It is from this foundational belief and an abiding faith and trust in the Law of Attraction to respond that our "good" begins to flow.  


It's up to you to TEST this…and to PROVE it for yourself! No one can do this for you.  You can experience the full measure of your good...pressed down and overflowing!

Your participation in a Shiloh prosperity program called:

"Surprise! Income Program" (SIP)

is a powerful way to invite the amplifying energy of the universe and the coaching support of Shiloh practitioners. Our prayers are directed towards your prosperity and increasing the flow through your life.  We know that when one person prospers and expands their consciousness, the entire Universe is expanded and prospers. Focused prayer works! We want to pray with you~not just for you.  You are the one who must embody these ideas.

Support from the SIP team…

Being a partner in Shiloh's Surprise! Income Program (SIP), allows you to become part of the team’s daily prayers. Their energy compounds your energy as they consistently and powerfully know the Truth for you and the Presence of God within you. Their prayers affirm your intention. Your ONLY responsibility is to focus upon and generate within you the belief in your unlimited Source & Supply.  Again, NO ONE CAN DO THIS PART FOR YOU!  Begin to internalize these concepts and speak your word with conviction.

In order to experience abundance and prosperity, you must be willing to change your mind and surrender all your beliefs, thoughts, values and concepts, etc., that have been limiting you.  Change your mind, change your vibration, change your life...

The Law of Attraction is always working. Begin to focus on what you DO want and the belief that anything and everything is possible and you'll begin to bring forth your good. When you shift your thinking~when you accept that Spiritual Laws are always at work in the Universe~when you accept that energy is constantly coming into form and that your thoughts are determining the "form" your abundance takes, then you begin to realize the power within you that is the Universal gift. When you embrace and embed these ideas listed below, then abundance~in the form of prosperity and goodness~flows through your life! 

Believe and affirm this...

  • I am always at choice. I invite my prosperity and flow of income from everywhere--all SOURCED by Spirit.
  • What I conceive and believe, I can achieve.“It is done unto me as I believe.”
  • Because the One Mind is infinite—there are venues I’m not aware of that simply await my receptivity and accetance to begin flowing to me.
  • I expect money to come to me. The “how?” and from “where?” is not up to me, nor is it my work to do… it is the alignment of the energy of the Universe.
  • I keep my thoughts and vibrations staid upon the experience which I desire, rather than the material form. 
  • I know that everything already exists as energy and that it flows easily through me and into form.
  • I imagine how it feels to live a prosperous life, inviting ease and grace everyday.
  • I set my intention and focus upon the experience of already having. 
  • I am thankful for all that I am, all that I have and all that I receive.  I practice appreciation and gratitude in all things to keep myself open.
  • I trust in the Law of Mind, letting my thoughts, words and feelings align with and activate the flow of energy to me.

The Experience... The words of this prayer, fueled by your belief and emotional intensity, are like magnets that draw to you the Power of the Universe. This energy is God/Spirit—as Source, Substance and Supply.

Commit yourself to this daily treatment to nurture your belief and acceptance. As your certainty becomes grounded, you establish a consciousness of gratitude and you begin to appreciate everything. KNOW THIS: "We don't always get what we pray for... but we always get what we pray from."

Affirmative Prayer…or, Spiritual Mind Treatment:

Step 1 RECOGNITION: There is only One Mind—infinite and omniscient; It sources and supplies my every need and desire. 

Step 2 UNIFICATION:  Being one with this Mind, co-creating my life, I know that through my faith and trust in the impersonal and unfailing laws of the Universe, all things are possible.

Step 3 REALIZATION: I invite expanded sources of prosperity to flow through my life and I align with my desire to allow the Law of Attraction to respond in wondrous ways. I act purposefully upon ideas that come to me.  I follow my Higher Knowing/Guidance.

Step 4 THANKSGIVING:  I appreciate and express my gratitude toward all of life.  I know that this appreciative energy "primes" the abundant flow of all GOOD.  I imagine and pray from this IDEAL, from the feeling of already having this demonstration of GOOD in my life. I accept and I am grateful.

Step 5 RELEASE:  I release my words into the Law of Divine Right Action, proclaiming that it is already done.  I call it all "GOOD" and I let it be so.  And so it is.


Consider the function of breathing: First, inhale... hold it... hold it... hold it... hold it... it's getting uncomfortable, isn't it? Okay, now exhale... all the way out... hold it...hold it... you get the idea. When we interrupt the natural rhythm of life~the flow~it feels unnatural, uncomfortable and unhealthy, because life is meant to be experienced and shared...not hoarded, blocked or thrown away carelessly. This means that we must learn to GIVE and RECEIVE...both are equally important to the flow and we must do so of ourselves in time, talent and treasure, and receiving the gifts of the "kingdom"...our abundance in all possible forms.

Our purpose is to be of service to others and in that service, we experience greater receiving. The more we GIVE, the more we RECEIVE and NO ONE CAN OUTGIVE GOD!

APPRECIATION: increasing the value/importance/desire for something; opening to the flow. This is part of "priming the pump." When you begin to appreciate EVERYTHING in your life as an experience for your unfolding and enjoyment, you send out an invitation (a vibrational signal) to the Universe and that which is like your vibration begins to align with your desire and pours THROUGH your life.

Key point: BEING is the same as HAVING and non-attachment to any outcome allows you to experience even greater flow. Trust completely, knowing that it is in the INVISIBLE realm where the 'perfecting' takes place before it can be manifested. Know that however long it takes and the quality of the outcome is always a 'match' to your vibrational offering.

GRATITUDE: expressing thanks; blessing all that is received & all that is in process. This creates an energetic attraction. "If the only prayer you ever said was 'Thank you'... it would be enough." Meister Eckhart, Christian mystic.

In all things~be grateful.  Realize that prayer is not about "fixing" anything "out there" in your external experience, but rather that prayer must shift your awareness about what you perceive to be "out there."   You must begin to see life differently. Your prayers are not for God~they are for you! All of your work is INNER WORK to cultivate your belief in--and acceptance of--the IDEAL. Giving is not an is a spiritual principle!

"It is done unto you AS you believe." YOU believe.