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Shiloh Social Club & Special Events

Date: TBA'd

GAME Night/Appetizer Potluck (finger food)

Time:   tbd'd

Location:  Shiloh Spiritual Center

  • Bring your favorite game or be surprised by what we offer. 
  • Bring a small offering of finger food.
  • Be ready to laugh!!!  Match wits with others, play team competition... 

Food, fellowship and FUN!

 Concerts, Plays, Shows...                               

When we get the details of plays, concerts or shows that sound interesting, we'll post our intentions to go and invite you along!!! 


Date:  TBD'd

Make your favorite dish and share with the Shiloh community.  Yum!




Date: TBD'd   Dinner & Movie

Grossmont shopping center, READING Theater... 



BINGO @ Viejas Casino       

We'll catch the "Casino Connection" bus for dinner and gaming at Viejas.  Details posted when Saturday/Sunday date is decided.


Let's Go Bowling!   *kid-friendly event

5:15-7:30pm @ Parkway Bowl, El Cajon

We'll make up teams and have some fun!

Cost: $12-$15 depending upon how many people participate. Carpools may be available. 

RSVP w/ Susan @ 619 933-4180 (this is for a head count/reserving right # of lanes.)




Date TBD'd:  Pizza Buffet Party

CiCi's Pizza, 5801 University Ave. (corner of 58th and University, at the western edge of the University Square strip mall); meet @ 5:30pm.  Kid friendly activity.