Shiloh Spiritual Center

...where your mind learns and your heart embraces the practical application of living in joy, ease and grace.
Meeting you on your journey to...
 See Differently, Live Profoundly...

Expanding Spiritual Consciousness in Lompoc, CA

Vision Statement:  See Differently, Live Profoundly

Expanding Spiritual Consciousness in Lompoc, CA

Shiloh Spiritual Center is a place where seekers undertake the inward journey of expanding spiritual consciousness in Lompoc, CA, and living from an awareness that brings peace and joy.

It is a place where ancient teachings meet New Thought; where traditional religions meet mystical perspectives; where inner knowing and wisdom meet quantum physics; where mind-bending concepts meet a light-hearted mindfulness and where this spiritual deepening births a desire along with a mental and emotional ability to See Differently...

Live Profoundly.   

"My soul belongs to the universe; my mind is an outlet through which the Creative Intelligence of the Universe seeks fulfillment." Ernest Holmes


Mission Statement:

Share the TRUTH;

Shine the LIGHT;


in ways that change lives.



  • to teach truth principles and alignment with the spiritual laws of the universe to facilitate a practice of unconditional love, grace, abundant living, well-being, and wholeness.


  • To welcome into our community those who are ready to perceive life as "spiritual beings having a "human experience" while dynamically and effectively functioning in this thing called LIFE.
  • To share this soul journey as an amazing adventure and exploration with infinite possibilities.
  • To live abundantly in and from our spiritual inheritance of "God's good pleasure..."
  • To practice mindfulness, presence and kindness.
  • To deepen awareness of all life as Spirit expressing as us and through us.


Metaphysical Teaching in Lompoc, CA

Our Name: 

In the metaphysical dictionary, "Shiloh" means becoming conscious of our divine heritage~the "Christ" presence~ our true nature; a personal revelation of who we really are.

Our Logo:  thunderbird inside of a dream catcher.

  • a dream catcher 'catches' Spirit's guidance for us while also catching [trapping and releasing ~ i.e. minimizing] that which would hinder us.

The parts within the symbol are:

  • circle:  unending flow of life;
  • web: connecting us to everything;
  • 7 eagle feathers: a metaphor for our lightness of being and our ability to soar above the storms of life; PLUS, the dual coloration~black and white~ represents the Oneness of differing phenomena, however both from the same source and signifying that in life a choice must be made to honor the interrelationship of all things~through harmony and balance, where universal truths and learning may be experienced and understood; the number "7" represents the directions to which we turn for guidance:  east, south, west, north; skyward, earthward and inward.
  • thunderbird: represents our powerful visionary capabilities, intuition and insight that bridges "heaven" and earth~our divine nature that rises above the "human storm" and guides our spiritual unfoldment.