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...where your mind learns and your heart embraces the practical application of living in joy, ease and grace.
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Find Meaning & Purpose

 Inuit:  Inuksuk

"You are not alone; someone has been here before you."

Feeling uncertain about what you're supposed to be doing with your life or even how to find out?  The GOOD NEWS:  there is something that you--and you alone--are meant to do on this journey called "your life"...that "something"~ filled with meaning and purpose~is awaiting your discovery!

Within the energy of Shiloh, and within our Meta Groups structure you can meet loving, open-minded, encouraging people who are also finding their way in life and exploring their journey.  In this safe and uplifting environment, we embrace a practical application of universal principles that give meaning, purpose and direction to our lives!  You can experience the same.

We are reminded of who we are, our gifts, our connection to each other and our relationship with Spirit. Applying spiritual principles for successful living, we find more creativity, prosperity, passion, joy and peace of mind. We learn to embody what we desire and accept the abundance in all aspects of life.

You can find similar contentment and connections within this spiritual community.  We want to share this journey with you for however long is best for you. 

When you're ready, you'll find us!


Valuing Creativty and Diversity

At Shiloh, we welcome all people as global citizens and fellow travelers through life.  We believe that our similarities far outweigh our differences and that we all want basically the same things from life:  to feel safe and be loved; to experience joy, beauty and peace of mind; and, to live a life of abundance and prosperity.

We know that our diversity adds to the richness and fullness of any experience. We encourage and celebrate creative expression and exploration. We value insight, wisdom, life experience, purity of intention, authenticity and integrity. We learn through dialogue and sharing.

Join us in embracing the similarities and exploring the differences among us to develop a greater understanding and appreciation for each other as we welcome all cultures, ethnic groups, religious backgrounds/beliefs and affiliations, age groups, and lifestyle preferences. We delight in supporting each other and recognizing the God Presence in and as each individual. 

Are you looking for a group of kindred spirits that hold a vision of One~ness? 

You have found it at Shiloh!

Discovering a Spiritual "Home"

Have you been a "church gypsy"~searching for a belief, a faith community, or spiritual leadership that engages your heart, your mind and your soul?  Many of us have church-hopped and church-shopped for years.  When it resonates with your heart and feels uplifiting, you'll know that you've "come home."

Many have discovered us and now call Shiloh their “spiritual home” and its members their “spiritual family.” We welcome you into a loving community of open-hearted people who know Source as a loving, supportive and responsive Presence/Power that moves in, through and as each of us.  

Shiloh is a spiritual energy that draws us into sacred space that is created when we gather together.  There is a sweet peacefulness and serenity that is inviting and comfortable.  Let the energy of coming together call you "home" to yourself.

We invite you to discover all that is available to support your spiritual journey. We absolutely know that living in and from spiritual principle is the foundation for peace and joy. 

We invite you to find your teacher, join a Meta Group, discover friendships, companionship, prayer partners and practitioner support within Shiloh as you continue on your journey of remembering who you really are.  We'll "meet you on your journey." Get to know us and let us get to know you. 

Your search is over!

Recovery Support

Looking for the next "step" on this journey of recovery and remembering? 

Many of us have lived through our own battles with addictive behavior--personally or with loved ones.  If you're in recovery... Good for YOU! And, if you're looking for the next level of awareness that uplifts the spirit and heals the soul, we can help.

At Shiloh, we remember that Source is ever-present and all-powerful, in which we live, move and have our being. We know that our power is this Creative Energy within us—and we compassionately support a co-creative partnership with Source that guides and sustains a clean and sober life. 

There is great empathy at Shiloh for the recovery process.  We are ready to hear your story and then teach, guide, pray for and assist you to develop a higher consciousness that embodies a belief that you are whole--even if parts of you feel weak or imperfect.  We do not believe that any of us are broken.  A reliance on Source and spiritual consciousness is the only dependence we want.  We know that language has tremendous power and any claims of helplessness or weakness actually perpetuate more of the same.  So, we believe that the "13th step" is to move into a consciousness that absolutely trusts our soul guidance--the Presence within us. 

Learn how to live a life of peace and joy.  Is it time to enhance your 12-step program with loving support from others who are living the kind of life you want?  Experience a welcoming environment--with others who have discovered their own serenity, courage and wisdom.

We’re here for you!